Over 50 years of Italian excellence in the production of vacuum pumps

A story of commitment, quality, and enduring success.


Thanks to competence, continuous innovation, and dedication to the customer, for over five decades, OMMER is synonymous with excellence in the vacuum pump industry.


Production is our pride. Every OMMER product and component is the result of craftsmanship and passion that has distinguished us since 1972.

High productive

Quality is our hallmark. Each OMMER pump is the result of meticulously crafted production processes and a passion for excellence.


Through the experience gained over the years, we are able to offer you the right product based on usage types, providing a quick pre and post-sales support service.

Direct consultation

We recognize that every company has unique needs and requires prompt answers. We are experts in the vacuum pump industry, always available for any clarification or consultation.

Speed and expertise

Thanks to our extensive stock of products ready for delivery and our technical expertise, we are able to provide customized solutions with precision and promptness. All to ensure that your production processes proceed smoothly.

Customized production

We design and manufacture each vacuum pump, evaluating the needs of our customers. We provide unique and tailor-made solutions to meet specific production requirements.

Mechanical warranty

The quality of our products is always guaranteed. We exclusively use high-quality materials and components to provide products with reliable and durable performance.

Competitive prices

Internal production and direct distribution allow us to offer our products at competitive prices without compromising quality. Our focus on efficiency makes us a favorable choice in the vacuum industry.

Large-scale supply

Whether you are interested in a single product or a large-scale supply, we handle each request with the same dedication. We are capable of managing orders of any size with ease, ensuring precision and promptness in every stage of the process.

50 years of history


From the entrepreneurial vision of Riva Antonio and Magni Felice, O.M.M.E.R. is born, a company oriented on the manufacturing, installation, repair, and maintenance of pumps, compressors, and hydraulic systems.


Established as O.M.M.E.R. S.n.c., the company specializes in the production of high-quality vacuum pumps and systems. The achieved success and the extensive machinery park allow for the expansion of services, including third-party mechanical processing.


The company introduces the use of new CNC machines, enhancing the company's prestige and expanding the range of third-party mechanical processing services.


The constant commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction leads OMMER to achieve a prominent position in the vacuum pump sector. The production facility is expanded, and the company changes its name to O.M.M.E.R. S.r.l..


The company proudly celebrates 50 years of activity, a milestone that attests to its long history and constant dedication to work. Five decades of commitment, passion, and success in vacuum technology.


The company aims to optimize the use of its resources through a development strategy based on sustainability and technological innovation. The goal is to ensure a smooth transition to the future and new international markets.

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