For over 50 years, with passion, dedication, and professionalism, we have been providing a complete range of customized services for our vacuum pumps and not only.

Test and buy

The satisfaction of the customer is always at the core of our commitment. That's why we offer the opportunity to test the quality of our products before making a purchase, ensuring a secure choice.

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Spare parts and accessories

We supply only quality spare parts and accessories, designed specifically to fit every OMMER vacuum pump or system, as well as others. We ensure prompt service and maximum operational reliability.

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Comprehensive overhaul

Your peace of mind is a priority for us. Thanks to our team of experts, we offer a comprehensive overhaul service to keep your vacuum pumps in optimal condition.

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Third-party processing

Our experience and the available machinery allow us to offer a range of third-party machining services, including turning, milling, welding, PTFE coating and nitro painting. We provide tailor-made services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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Maintenance programs

We provide customized maintenance programs to ensure peak efficiency for every OMMER vacuum pump, enabling our clients to concentrate solely on their business.

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Our pre and post-sales services are essential. We're here to provide you with personalized assistance and guide you in choosing the ideal product to meet your needs.

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